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Match your photos in a classic memory game. Find a match and guess the letters to solve the word puzzle!

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PATENTED. Patent No. 11213749

Find the match to solve the puzzle!

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Challenge family or friends to play thousands of word puzzles. Solve the puzzle to win in-app prizes!

Your Personalized Matching Game
Your Personalized Matching Game
Find two matching cards on the board to guess a letter in the puzzle. The best part? You can use your own photos to create a personalized game!
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Create personalized deck of cards for the game
Create custom card backs to share with family and friends, or advertise your brand to players in the game!
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Promote your business by sponsoring Deal of Fortune Games

Achieve brand recognition by sponsoring Deal of Fortune games. Advertise your business in your localities, specific states, or nationally with custom card decks.

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